THEESatisfaction, “Queens”

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THEESatisfaction are Stas and Cat, of Seattle, WA, two women who met in college and started a hip hop project together a few years ago. Since then, THEESatisfaction has been lauded by the local press and, after appearing on last year's amazing Shabazz Palaces record Black Up, became the second hip hop act signed to Sub Pop, where they will release Awe Naturale on March 27.

This first single, “Queens”, is a jazzy, simple, positive track. Starting off with a crickety back-and-forth beat, the ladies inform us we need to “leave our swag at the door”; they are like your nice aunts who tell you that your bullshit is not welcome, and then tell you to take your elbows off the table. This project might kind of be appropriate for older people, in fact. It's the opposite of rap that burns with the frantic teenage need for the profane. It's adult, which is a nice change of pace.