Thug Entrancer’s charitable “Neural Shade”

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With a little over a month until Thug Entrancer releases a follow-up to 2014’s Death After Life, the Denver-based electronic producer is helping give back. His Denver ties placed him on the 2014 lineup of Gold Rush Music Festival and one of its founders, Ryan Hall furthers that connection with Thug Entrancer’s “Neural Shade” single on Hall’s Cincinnati-based Heligator Records.

The label exists solely to fund the Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Swaziland, Africa. Hall and his wife are former Peace Corp volunteers that worked at a 400-person Swaziland refugee camp from 2011 to 2013. There, they helped refugees seeking haven from genocide, war, and government collapse to establish income generation workshops for women, English and HIV classes, health and sanitation workshops, and a 1,200 book refugee-run library. The electronic and ambient label Heligator exists to continuously fund it.

Thug Entrancer’s “Neural Shade” feels like it was clipped from the Arcology sessions. Much like the “Curaga” single released last year the Acid House 90s influence is transmuted into a hyper synthesis of footwork-friendly bpms. “Neural Shade” is a subterranean burner of deep digital dub-tectonics that feels bound to Thug Entrancer’s sci-fi colony visions for Arcology. We simply have to remove the blinders.

Download “Neural Shade” at the Heligator Bandcamp.

Thug Entrancer’s Arcology is out March 4 on Software. Listen to the single “Curaga” below.

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