Tim Evans, Wretched Wings

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Brooklyn-based (by way of Tasmania, Australia) singer-songwriter Tim Evans has been hard at work on his debut solo album, titled Wretched Wings, a work that has already been highly praised by music lovers around the world. His sound is unique, as he blends dark lyrics with traditional finger picking and almost everything else in between. We’ve got your first listen right here.

The ten track album starts with “Rotting Spring”, a track that doesn’t necessarily bring the most picturesque landscape to mind. The reverb in his vocals brings about an almost-ethereal quality to the track, as you are wrapped up in the sound space he has created. “Wretched Wings” has a much more old west vibe to it, complete with a transition in vocals to a dark – almost tired – place. “You Was Mine” brings you back to that otherworldly quality noted in “Rotting Spring”, setting the pace back to tranquil.

“Dark Fire” – although its name would suggest otherwise – is a fairly lightweight song, painting a picture of transition with the steady pace of the guitar. Evans’ vocals change from dark to light, the song perfectly showcasing what this incredible musician is capable of. And that’s what is in store for you. Every track carries you away to another place, resplendent in its texture and richness. A deeply transitional work, it really does aid in shedding light on the transitional time that comes with the change in seasons.

Allow yourself time to get introspective with this piece. It will definitely behoove you.

Wretched Wings is available to the public on December 9th. Tonight, Ever/Never Records is having a holiday party at Alphaville, which will also serve as an official release party for the album. Also on the bill are labelmates Richard Papiercuts, Quietus & Consolidated Plastics. Check it out!