Valerie Orth, “Pixie”

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Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Valerie Orth has been working to fine-tune her sound, trying her hand at more of the production side of things along the way. As a result, she’s got some incredibly powerful tracks on their way to her fans. Today, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of her song “Pixie”. Light, frail – but almost haunting in its airy feel – the song starts like a lullaby. Then a staccato feel to it as she sings each syllable in a very pointed way. Her beautiful vocals pitter patter along the instrumentals, as she sings lyrics like “she’s plucking my guitar while she’s calling on me to get up … it’s been so quiet, come and make some noise.” The song sends a powerful message of support and the desire to “make some noise,” which aligns with Orth’s activist roots.

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