TITANICS Premiere Brand New Hotel EP

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New York’s ambient pop duo TITANICS – comprised of Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers – has been hard at work on their new Hotel EP. We’re particularly happy about that fact, as we’ve been fans of theirs since we first heard their music. Best news of the day? We’ve got the exclusive EP streaming premiere right here.

The six track work is nothing short of a feel good work of art. Back in June, we wrote about third track “Close Enough”, raving about the summer romance aspect of the song. But the sound effects and slow progression of the title track is so smooth and well composed that it may just be our favorite song off the piece. Rolling into the song “Tides”, the guys maintain a very similar tempo but bring in some percussion aspects that really get your hips moving. In fact, there are aspects of this song that greatly remind us of 90’s R&B favorites. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Blue/Green” is another one of those songs where the guys have fixated on a love interest. The seagull and wave sound effects give it a definite coastal vibe, perhaps a love starting on a getaway that may not have lasting power. To note, we see a common theme from “Close Enough” where no one is expecting a permanent love story. But who knows what will come of it?

“Ravine” follows, with perhaps the most upbeat tempo of the EP, while “High Frames” wraps everything up quite nicely as a mainly instrumental track, leading into the whispery vocals that Mark has so kindly provided us in their vibey, sexy music.

Because that’s how we can classify this entire EP. It’s incredibly sexy.

Hotel is available now.