Toebow presents the track "Starfucker"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Groovy bass and 70s reminiscent vocals comprise the ethereal vibe of Toebow’s debut single, “Starfucker.” The first single from their debut EP Spirit Mane, the track carries a strong presence of early R&B and modern psychedelic rock, the track feeling like The Doors in its verses and Fleetwood Mac in its chorus. The Brooklyn based five-piece band is comprised of Martin  Zimmermann (vocals, guitars, drums), Nate Ulsh (vocals, guitars), Charlie Kessinich (Drums, Guitars), Olenka Burgess (vocals, keys), and Jo-Anne Hyun (bass, vocals).

There’s an overwhelming sense of togetherness throughout Toebow’s debut– their friendship and unity add to their art, inviting us into their performance and passion for music. A kaleidoscope for the ears, Toebow’s upcoming EP is sure to be full of swirling psychedelic riffs and uplifting vocals.
Spirit Mane is set for an April 6th release, and you can keep up with Toebow here.