Tragic Sasha – The End of The World

Rising singer-songwriter blends pop, indie & electronica on new EP

Tragic Sasha, the singer-songwriter and producer also known as Sasha Gurney, has recently released a new EP called The End of The World. The EP is a stunning combination of intense synth chords and skillful pop songwriting infused with nostalgic harmonies, exemplifying Tragic Sasha’s mastery of indie electronica. Throughout the EP, Tragic Sasha’s gentle vocals are featured in ballads like “Head Over Heels” and “Hangover,” creating a dreamy pop atmosphere that showcases her production prowess. Each track on the EP is a seamless blend of pop, indie, and electronica elements, resulting in a distinct and signature sound.

On the other hand, Tragic Sasha’s “My Biggest Problem” and “The End Of The World” deliver dark and intense tones with deep bass notes and hard-hitting electronic drums. These tracks showcase the artist’s impressive vocal range and powerful percussion, resulting in a highly evocative experience for the listener.

Sasha tells us: “this EP is probably some of the darkest stuff I’ve released to date. I wanted the whole EP to have a dark undertone running throughout the tracks, as they’ve come out of a tumultuous time- written mostly in the UK during the pandemic, Brexit etc, and now being released in a cost of living crisis and environmental chaos. I think most people have been feeling really anxious the last few years and I felt it was important to capture that. The End Of The World in particular, I wanted to hone in on this turbulence and voice some of the panic people might be feeling about the future.”

You can give it a spin below: