Trippple Nippples have almost too much going on

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Trippple Nippples

Out of left field comes Tokyo’s Trippple Nippples. Recently, Yuka, Qrea, and Nabe Nipple made their American debut with their Far East variance on Gwar and Human Eye-like pageantry and ceremony in support of Devo. The girls formed the group a little over a year ago after consulting a witch doctor who apparently advised them to become the frenzied electropop act they are today. Since their spiritual inception, Trip Nips have released a handful of digital singles seemingly inspired by nostrils full of Adderall and a penchant for listening to 33 RPM Polynesian dance records at 45 RPM speed.

Currently, the girls are touring the Mid-Atlantic in support of Devo and just finished their first round in New York with shows at Irving Palace and Glasslands. But they'll be back in the boroughs for three more shows: two at Pianos, on December 20 and 27; and one at Shea Stadium, Janurary 4, with Brooklyn’s Hard Nips. Hopefully, there will be enough feather bombs, rotting spaghetti headdresses, and squirting mammary glands to keep everyone titillated. Check their amphetamine-friendly cut “Masaka” and their new vid “LSD” before deciding whether or not this is your game.

MASAKA_TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES by trippplenippples