Truth & Soul drop El Michels / Raekwon 12″

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What started as a promotion for the car company Scion has led to an official release on the Brooklyn based neo-soul label Truth & Soul. The T&S house band El Michels Affair teamed up with The Chef to do a re-working (basically a cover, but with live instrumentation) of the Pete Rock classic “The Pj's”.


Along with an instrumental version of “The Pj's”, the 12″ includes three other instrumentals (although the band calls two of them interludes). “A Little Sloppy” is a brief bit of instrumental funk with a more ragged drum style. “Phil My Don” is a mirror image on the flip, with some spacey soul keys out front. “This One's For My Baby” is a longer funky instrumental, the most cinematic sounding tune of all.

And if you're in NYC this Saturday the 24th, come by the Canal Room to check out El Michels live at Shirts & Skins.