Tut and Isaiah Rashad Cruise in a “G35”

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One of the most resonant aesthetics in Hip-Hop is the mellow, aspirational slow-burner meant for envisioning your come up during a night ride. Think early Outkast, Big Krit, or Chatttanooga, Tennesee MC TUT. Maybe you don’t want “a Rollie and a house just like Uncle Willie,” like TUT does on his irresistibly smooth “G35,” but his longing sentiments are nonetheless relatable.

TUT, who crafted the slept-on Preacher’s Son mixtape last year, collaborated with fellow Chattanooga native Isiaiah Rashad on the smooth banger. The Tiggy production is so warm and enveloping you can practically feel the gravel under the Firestones as they slide down a country back road.

Both MCs have a knack for crafting introspective, substantive lyrics with enough raw relatability to stay accessible to the masses (Rashad is on TDE after all), and “G35” is a strong testament.

Many artists who rhyme about a ride are using it as a trophy or trump card over the listener, but TUT is ready to “kick his shitty ass bucket to the curb when he starts rollin ’round in a Bentley.” For a time though, it was his refuge. It was where he rolled up and forgot the world. It’s where his big homie encouraged him to “be true to yourself.” Even if we don’t graduate to a Bentley, many a listener can point to their trusty old vehicle to reference a time and place during their life.

TUT’s car is just a means to an end, and “G35” may bump out of the cars of many a driver who feel the same way.

You can listen to “G35” below.