TV Carnage and DJ Teenwolf make a workout mixtape

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TV Carnage + DJ Teenwolf, <i>Let's Work It Out: The Mixtape</i>

Former member of Ninjasonik DJ Teenwolf and co-conspirator TV Carnage just assembled a forty minute mash-up of found-footage workout video that's primed for the kind of workouts that swap vodka for gatorade and white powder that's not for doing gymnastic tricks. Key aerobic phrases trickle into the mix (“Buttocks… buttocks… buttocks”), while we're left to ponder which came first, Italo Disco, or these aerobic vids?

The whole thing is available on TV Carnage's big cartel page, and you can enjoy a stream of it below.

As the pair like to say, say goodbye to your body:

The Let’s Work It Out routine—known as “The System”—is divided into simple, hard-to-achieve chapters that, when followed properly, are guaranteed to do something to you.”

Let's Work It Out: The Mixtape tracklist:
01 T-Pain & Judi Shepard Missett Intro
02 Feet
03 A Solid Day of Aerobics
04 Buttock Squeeze (featuring O.J. Simpson)
05 Michael Jackson's Underwear
06 Cowboy Workout
07 The Female Terminator
08 Danny
09 Reaching For The Light (featuring O.J. Simpson)
10 Ray Boom Boom's Cool Down
11 Today I Am Okay The Way I Am
12 Body