Unstrung, “Pace”

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When a fresh young punk band comes out with their debut 7″, but no one is in the forest to hear it, does it get blog attention? Unstrung, a group of musicians from the SF/Oakland/Berkeley area, are doing the youthful punk sound right by releasing a seven-inch that was set to stay underground but manages to reach the top of the barrel on its own volition. The sound is fitted for grimey basements and loose-lawed dive bars, and the aesthetic the band puts off is very straight-to-the-point and aggrieved. However, there is something about this Unstrung release that appeals to more than just the punk in us. It's got a poppier aspect and a sharp, knowing quality about it—and not to mention, it's not layered in lofi scuzz and dirt. It feels like a grimey debut headed for something bigger.

You can stream our favorite track from the Sucking Fun in the Fucking Sun EP below and keep your eyes open on Humor Records and Girth Control Records in September for the physical release.