Varick, “Surrender”

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Alternative/electro powerhouse Varick (oka Keith Varick) is releasing his first full album, Veda, unto the world on September 9th. Boasting work inspired by eastern spiritual teachings, his work has caught the eyes of CMJ and Under the Radar Magazine, among others. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the next track off of Veda, titled “Surrender”.

It begins with an interesting beat, replete with early bass that would make your car bump a little harder than you may have expected. Varick’s voice joins in, smooth in tandem with the synthesizers. Slightly reminiscent of Muse, this track is explorative in nature, testing the limits beautifully with fermatas that glide through what could be considered a rock opera sound. And the track urges you to let go as well. As Varick explains it, “The inspiration for this track came from the idea of needing to surrender your ego in order to find a deeper meaning within yourself.”

Get ready for Veda, out September 9th, right here.