VerBS doesn't need your cupcakin'

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VerBS rolls deep with Swim Team and the FMLY collective. When he's not crewed up, he's throwing parties at the Leimert Park Artwalk or DIY event BANANAS. With all this going on, he ain't got a spare minute for your goddamned feelings n' shit, which is why he wrote the song “Feelings Getting In The Way”.

Produced by Listed of Seven Day, “Feelings Getting In The Way” is the first track leaked off VerBS' upcoming Progress EP 3: Manifest Awesome. On the track VerBS lays it out simple that he's 24, likes to party, feel up on asses and put them shits to sleep. It's not exactly the most humble of manifestos, but when you're 24 that's the definition of honesty, especially when you follow it up with silly proclamations of a “brown light saber” (aiii-yooo).

VerBS, “Feelings Getting In The Way”

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