Vial of Sound, “A Lifetime Passed”

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Vial of Sound flashes electro panic on the premiere of the cut, “A Lifetime Passed”, taken from their recent Substance Organique Volatile EP from President Gator. A semi-mysterious trio heralding from Tempe, Arizona, the principle interest among the 3 revolves around being purveyors of synth pop's illustrious wealth of technological advancements while applying them to provide descriptive expressions of their surrounding organic environments. Drawing from a collection of classic keyboards, their Casio qualities turn the current electro currents of abstract, airy ephemera into immediately accessible audio objects.

The track begins with a minor key progression, spinning out the canvas threads for the track's foundation. The synth pop sound establishment collects all of the emulated and sampled pieces, arranging them in new audio orders. The jagged edges around the bass synths and center keyboard fixtures rekindle that familiar electroclash grip that provided the lost millennials with a new road map to go with one of those, “I survived Y2K” t-shirt. A decade plus onward, VOS looks back to pick and choose the synth hook components to reconstruct the split second reflective rush of forging the fight or flight audio detail heard in the 3 minutes of “A Lifetime Passed”. In short, the Vials extract an electro alchemy of adrenaline acting to outsmart a eulogistic endgame.

The animated video from Ori Toor complements Vial of Sound's “A Lifetime Passed” with a morphing flurry of animated, furry creatures. Watch as yellow fox heads, blue panda heads, goblin heads and more become replicated and liquified into a morphing purée. As the vocoder vocals carry on, a fish gets thrown into the digital cartoon melange as the whirling blend of characters multiply at the push of a key. As VOS has made an electronic track to tribute any life that flashes before your ears, Ori Toor's CGI video commemorates lifetimes that flash forward before your eyes and mind.

Vial of Sound's new EP Substance Organique Volatile is available now from President Gator.