Void Pedal

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Omni Color

Once Low End Theory's expansion north to San Francisco is secured, it may be time for the beat theorists to consider Chicago as its next conquest. Rich in hip hop producers, the city is on the verge of advancing its sound past the traditional boom bap principles and is taking cues from the low end heads.

Void Pedal combines a time-honored hip hop
approach of sampling drum breaks with well structured layers of
accessible analog synthesizer riffs to create genre defying sound on his full length debut Omni Color. The first single is “Looking Glass,” which follows Chicago traditions in the hip hop department, turn the drums way up and make'em snap, and breaks left with squeaky clean synth lines to give it a new bounce.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon directed a video for Void Pedal's “Night-time Butterfly,” also off the Omni Color LP.

Omni Color is out February 22 on Fieldwerk Recordings. Void Pedal's debut EP is available for free download.

Void Pedal, “Looking Glass”