W-X, “Brazilian Worm Band”

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Tim Presley W-X

It’s fun to imagine that White Fence‘s Tim Presley and oft-collaborator Ty Segall have a running wager on who can claim the title of most-prolific California songwriter. In the tradition of Thee Oh Sees‘ John Dwyer, Presley and Segall have made productivity a staple of their career, with the former taking the lead with his second new project of 2015. Whereas his involvement in Drinks is sonically similar to past projects, Presley’s newest effort, W-X, finds him stretching out to weird corners like a “Brazilian Worm Band”.

The second single from W-X’s self-titled debut is an experimental loop of trancelike electronic noise; like Spirit They’re Gone-era Animal Collective playing a haunted house. In an email to FADER, Presley presented the song as if it were played by actual earthworms he had met at dinner: “I took them home and plopped one on a bass, one on my 4-track, one on the computer, and the other worm played the flute.” Listening to the song it’s almost believable.

W-X will be released in November, appropriately enough on Dwyer’s Castle Face Records. You can stream “Brazilian Worm Band” below.