Walsh, “First Time”

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You've overheard someone say “glam house” without instantly seeing that person dissolve to salt. You've read Daft Punk reviews ranging from “where's the drops?” to “whatever, I'd rather listen to Brothers Johnson”. You've determined it's good, but that you'll avoid all talk of it because it conjures the same anguish as talking politics at a house party. Instead of finishing that report, you looked at photosets from EDC at your desk and fantasized about seeing three natural disasters hitting the festival site at once. It gave you momentary satisfaction. You realize it's only Wednesday. What you need though is something more fulfilling, something real.

We suggest Walsh's “First Time”. Walsh is never one to disappoint in crafting retro-fitted synth burners, but “First Time” feels reactionary against the hype of Random Access Memories. Maybe it's the timing? Maybe it's us? Walsh's masterful manipulation a Homework-era tableau has us wishing “First Time” could be the counter point we desperately need. A chance to turn our backs on the modern arguments of EDM for the familiar terrain of house breaks. Hopefully, Walsh has more from the session(s) that led to “First Time” and a proper full length or EP is coming soon.