Wax Idols are dead and so are you

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Heather Fedewa (a.k.a. Hether Fortune)

For “Dead Like You”, Wax Idol's front woman Heather Fedewa (ex Hunx & His Punx, Bare Wires) depicts a version of the afterlife that's apparently the equivalent of throwing some heart-wringer riffs against some “fuck its” and blowing highly flammable melodies straight to the cranium, with the likely intent to burn marks into a brain for hours. Over here at Impose HQ, we're completely sympathetic to the First Aid kit of pop crap used to extinguish this kind of catchiness from the garage heads of the world, but if you throw a “Party Rocking” at this one just to forget, we never will.

Wax Idols, “Dead Like You”

“Dead Like You” is the lead-off track from Wax Idols' debut LP, out now on Hozac.