Weekend, “Mirror”

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Weekend, Jinx

It's been a long time coming for Weekend's follow-up to the 2011 Red EP. Come July Weekend will release Jinx. We looked it up, it's not a Huey Lewis & The News album title, despite our hunch that “Golfers” was a clue to the sophomore record being Fore!.

The record's genesis, “Mirrors” drifts along an angelic trade wind before settling into the post-punk chug of early Peter Hook-esque bass and the march of drums. Note those bells and whistles, folks. Weekend recorded Jinx with Monte Vallier, the same chap who handled the boards for Sports and the Red EP, but it's decidedly hi-fi, taming the caterwaul. That's not to say the deeper into Jinx we travel the noise won't greet us with a screeching wail we've come to expect, keeping those plugs at arm's length, but Weekend is not hiding in the feedback. “Mirrors” is catching us at our angsty core, encouraging us to latch onto the refrain “I feel sick, sick, sick, sick in my heart” rather than numb out in the heavy vibrations.

Weekend's Jinx is out July 23 on Slumberland.