Weekend Money, Naked City

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Weekend Money, Naked City

False alarm, everybody. The Ne$$ of Greedhead's new act Weekend Money, is not the same Ness that walked on foot to Brooklyn to buy cheesecake, fought with southern rapper Chopper every episode and remained the sole member of Da Band to linger on the Bad Boy roster as a ghostwriter.

This Ne$$ is affiliated with Dead Prez and sounds like a New York version of Chip The Ripper. This Ne$$ linked up with Brooklyn producer Baghdaddy to form Weekend Money. The duo inked with Heems' Greedhead label, which is one of the wisest moves a hip hop act can do these days and further proves this is a different Ness.

Baghdaddy's production takes stylistic cues from Atlanta's Bangladesh and the wonky thump of Chuck Inglish's Midwest electro-Jeep music. There's subtle nods to sci-fi pit against the rolling toms of trap rap that define his style beyond the base comparisons. On Naked City, Weekend Money craft jams meant for ghettoblasters in staircases, booming systems driving slow through the burroughs, and posting up outside the venue.

Naked City is streaming here via Greedhead.