Wharfer, “Breeze (Since I Was Born)”

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Wharfer, aka Scranton native Kyle Wall, moved into an old Brooklyn house with a piano and four experimental jazz/classical musicians. The result is 12 awesome tracks that will be the artist’s third album. The album is due out in late 2016, but we have an amazing track off of the album for you to get your ears on first.

The track is called “Breeze (Since I Was Born)”, and it’s the first track to be released off of the upcoming record. It features Phoebe Hunt on violin, David Moss (of The Brother Brothers) on cello, Shane O’Hara on percussion (he also produced the track), and Dave Speranza on upright bass. This track is a beautiful blend of piano and strings, accompanied by some soft guitar and tambourine. It’s a soothing mix of instruments, and Wharfer’s voice is low and calm. The song is slow and peaceful. One might even say, it’s like a breeze…

Breeze (Since I Was Born)

I came to my senses and came to your door, but I can’t trust my senses anymore.
I tried to be fair but you never did care,
And I’m fairly sure my role’s outgrown me.
So if I have to die and you ask me why,
I’m beaming, these clouds won’t spit on my eye anymore.

I’d love to go quietly into the wild, but I can’t go quietly anywhere.
I’d die to be under palm trees,
How the orange breeze would soothe my mind.
And if I should float down and you saw me around,
Darling I’d bleed to bend down on my knee

But I lost the ring and I can’t sing the blues
The way this world showed me how.
So it’s now that I’ll slip out,
It’s only been hours since I was born.