Willie The Kidd, Never A Dull Moment EP

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willie the kidd

Lee Bannon told me to some effect that he had serious heat coming out this summer. Initially a project with Willie The Kid did not arouse instant intrigue, but the leaks so far have altered that perspective.

Willie The Kid is a garden variety mixtape spitter with just enough swag to hold my attention. I'm not blown out of my socks by bars like “we eating good, nigga / Ponderosa / I ponder, looking at the pond / flowing from the ocean the house sits upon,” but Willie still gets the nod for good writing. Never A Dull Moment seems to pertain more to the stellar production work by Lee Bannon, who's resting somewhere between Madlib and the RZA on “Hickory Smoke”.

Another wise career decision that will guarantee I check our your tape is to secure a guest verse from Curren$y, which Willie and Bannon pulled off with “Sky Miles”.

Never A Dull Moment drops July 27.

Willie The Kid, “Hickory Smoke”

Willie The Kid, “Sky Miles” (feat. Curren$y)