Wiz Khalifa, “In My Car”(Tha Puff Bus)

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wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa debuted his latest track on Saturday, which was probably best given the circumstances of the weekend.

How is it that neither the Smokers Club Tour nor the Waken Baken Tour could be in New York for CMJ? Talk about a blown opportunity for one of the haziest of showcases imaginable. The radius of catching a lethal contact high would reach a city block.

Back to reality. Back to life. Wiz compensated for his absence with “In My Car”(Tha Puff Bus) featuring Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J. If Wiz called me up, but claimed he was bringing his car, then called it a “puff bus” I would not know what I was looking for, probably just look for the steam engine smoke trail. Aside from that, Wiz has another winner, perfect for scooping up the honey at the bus stop sucking on a lollipop.

Download “In My Car” via his twitter