Wu: Cuban Linx snippets + Ghost becomes R&B wizard

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It's actually happening. On September 8, Raekwon the Chef will release his overly hyped follow-up to a classic Only Built For Cuban Linx II. I still struggle with the likeliness of this record's materialization. I worry I will go to a record store, see the item I've longed to purchase for nearly half a decade, only to have it be some holographic prank.

Hopefully Amazon.com is not in on the joke and these Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II snippets are the raw product.

Could it be? Does this have a fighting chance of living up to the burden of a classic revisited? Rae was faithful to the original album art and despite rumors of hurt feelings, the record guest stars Ghostface Killah, as it fucking should! My only disappointment with this potential tracklisting is that the rumored Nas appearance for a “Verbal Intercourse Pt.II” never came to fruition.

Speaking of Ghost…

One Wu member we can always count on is Ghostface Killah. Or can we? Ghost is flipping the script and releasing an R&B album titled The Wizard of Poetry. While there's nothing quite like Ghost flexing the pipes and wailing out a chorus, he's leaving the singing to the professionals, letting John Legend, “Radio” Raheem Devaughn, and Estelle do the smooth talking.

I wouldn't normally suggest this, but The Source.com has the sampler.

Or, download Wizard of Poetry Sampler here.