Young Montana?'s bro-down with Wu Lyf

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wu lyf

The (br)occult Manchester group Wu Lyf is releasing a reworked version of “We Bros”, which could be interpretated as “this band is out of songs” or it could just be a polite regifting that includes remixes from Young Montana? and S. Maharba. The “We Bros” single would be best served as music to dub over footage of American hippies dancing at festivals to lend our homeland burnouts some credibiltiy in taste. I can see it; as the indie-rock crescendo takes flight the footage would cut to a dreadlocked-white chick in a flowing dress spinning in place, while softy hopping – you know the maneuver.

The Young Montana? remix takes Wu Lyf's “dance around a fire” vibes and lands a spaceship on Stonehenge in the middle of a druid ceremony. Let's give Wu Lyf to the hippies, with Phish off the heavy touring and Widespread Panic taking hiatus soon they'll be stuck with shitty reggae by Cali-growers. But, we keep the alien wonder boy Young Montana? for ourselves.

(via Abeano)