Younger Lovers, “Ballad of Two Stubborn Men”

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younger lovers

Younger Lovers, the project of Seth Bogart affiliate Brontez Purnell, has a new album coming out in December, and we are forced to wonder if his proximity to Bogart's Hunx project influenced the fast-paced punkier sound on Hunx & His Punx latest. Whatever the case may be, Younger Lovers' third LP, Sugar In My Pocket, will woo you with its short burst of energy and janglepop breakdown, and lyrics that positively slay our hearts. Younger Lovers may be on its third record, but that doesn't stop the sound from growing up—knowing exactly when to quit and giving the song its heartfelt melodies, it's like an adult version of teenage heartache.

Sugar In My Pocket will release through Southpaw Records, best pals of ours, on December 10.