Yugi Boi, “Don’t (Remix)”

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Yugi Boi Bay Area Producer

The soundscape of modern hip-hop R&B has largely been carved by the work of Drake, PartyNextDoor, and the rest of the OVO clan, but it was Toronto singer Bryson Tiller who perfectly coined the sound with his T R A P S O U L album. The term #trapsoul is a perfect nod to the fusion of 808 drums and spastic hi-hats with subaqueous EQing and emotive ballads.

That said, neither trap or modern R&B is that far from the toolkit of electronic producers, which Bay Area producer Yugi Boi proved with his recent remix of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t”. Yugi Boi bolsters Tiller’s breakout single with a brigade of synthesizers and arpeggios that work in tandem with the track’s sharp 808s.

“I had already made some chords and a lead melody which I normally do to make my remixes,” Yugi Boi notes. “I just listen to them and I randomly think of songs that would sound dope over the chords I made.”

Yugi Boi said he sung “Don’t” over the original beat skeleton he had, and felt it was the best track to marry with his churning synths. So do I.

You can listen to “Don’t (Remix)” below.