Best Coast/Jeans Wilder split 7″

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best coast/jeans wilder 7"

It’s going nowhere fast, it seems. It being super lo-fi beach rock.

French/Montreal label Atelier Ciseaux has the latest Best Coast 7″, a split with Wavves’ pal Jeans Wilder. Wilder and Nathan Williams perform as Fantastic Magic, which is an awful band name, worse than Passion Pit. The Wilder side is called “Tough Guy,” a sleepy waltz about a showdown in the parking lot – simple and effective. So Cal kids are a punk ass bunch, always so laissez-faire and down to lash wits about the douchebag that wants to get violent. Damnit though, they sound great doing it.

The Best Coast side is called “Up All Night.” Our girl Bethany Cosentino is sleepless and letting her guitar be the agonizing moans of her remorse as she chants “I wanna see you.” The track is bare, just Bethany and her weeping guitar, giving the impression that it was written in the moment of despair. We sympathize with her neighbors and hope she’s over it because “forever and ever” laments are the exaggerations of insomniacs.

Hear “Up All Night” at Atelier Ciseaux’s Myspace page.

The 7″ is limited to 350 copies, so get yours now at Atelier Ciseaux.