Bieber Side-Boob Hour vol. 3

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Justin Bieber on Hillary Duff's boob

This week's Side-Boob hour comes live and direct from the red carpet at the New York City premiere of Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Correspondant Chris Robbins checks in after a brief, yet frank, discussion with the comedy duo. We also have a call-in from Blake Gillespie to discuss “Linsanity” moments before the Knicks tipped-off against his Sacramento Kings. It all goes down inbetween some stellar music. Tune in Wednesdays from 6-8pm on Newtown Radio to hear us live.

Side-Boob note: Your meme isn't funny.

Impose Bieber Side-Boob Hour vol. 3

Peter Griffin intro
Tearist, “Unarmed”
Black Marble, “Pretender (Pictureplane remix)”
Blank Dogs, “Northern Islands”
Moon Glyph, “Angel Eyes”
SP-33, “A Dream Catcher”
Talking Segue (With last week's segment on the Tim & Eric movie)
White Fence, “Get That Heart” (recorded live at Shea Stadium)
Fresh & Onlys, “Waterfall”
Smith Westerns, “Tonight”
Wymond Milesm, “Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them”
Bos Angeles, “When You Look At Me” (Keel Her cover)
Failure, “Stuck On You”
I.E., “Korea” (Foot Village cover)
Talking segue
GLC, “Mack On Mack”
Plucky Walker, “Don't Leave (Al Lover remix)”
Brother Ali, “Shine On (feat. Nikki Jean)”
Killer Mike, “Big Feast (feat. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble)”
Talking Segue, phone-call with Blake Gillespie
Blondes, “Wine”
Talking segue, phone call with Chris Robbins from the NY Premiere of Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
MUTWAWA, “Lamashtu Pazutu”
Grimes, “Vanessa (Charles I remix)”
Nite Jewel, “In The Dark”
Frankie Rose, “Interstellar”
Talking Segue, outro
LiveFastDie, “Amputated”