Bill Fox ain't dead, ya'll

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Bill Fox

Bill Fox was ripping up the Cleveland garage scene with his band The Mice when most of us were still dropping doodoos in diapers and the extent of our music knowledge was Sesame Street jingles; some of our parents were probably drunk off their asses at his shows. In the late 90s Fox released two solo records Shelter From The Smoke and Transit Byzantium, only to quit music and exile himself from all contact.

He never slipped from conversation though. Out of print records got reissued in the late-Aughts and journalists kept seeking him out to answer the question, “what happened to Bill Fox?” Since we won't leave Bill Fox alone he's warmed up to our insistence – way to go pesterers of America! One Thought Revealed is his first record in over a decade. “Withering Soul” is folk fed through macabre, as plenty of dissonance accompanies Fox's gravely vocals.

Bill Fox, “Withering Soul”

Bill Fox's One Thought Revealed is out January 17 on Jar Note Records. Preorder here.