Cake Shop 5-Year Anniversary Meet and Greet

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As we explained last week, Dan Deacon's playing Cake Shop for its fifth anniversary month-long slew of good shows. We're jumping on the bandwagon too.

Come out this Thursday, May 6 for mashups and collaborations of epic proportions, all for a whopping $3, plus drink specials.

Cake Shop Five Year Anniversary Meet and Greet
12:00 Grasshopper vs. Guardian Alien!
11:30 Ela Orleans and Wende K. Blass!
11:00 Idiot Glee!
10:30 Nonhorse!
09:30 Round Robin between Philip Seymour Hoffman, Human Resources, and Say No! to Architecture

Follow the links for more on the acts:
Ela Orleans, Idiot Glee, Nonhorse, Grasshopper, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Say No! To Architecture.

FYI: Guardian Alien is a loose collective that includes Greg Fox of GDFX and a dude playing a saxophone, and vocals. They'll be closing the night with an epic jam. We'll be previewing their massive attack tomorrow.