Can someone please canonize Future Islands now?

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Future Islands. Photo by Joe Perez.

This website has spent much time singing the praises of the synth pop trio from North Carolina and Baltimore, but we feel in our gut that their upcoming album On The Water will be the best summation of their ingeniously genuine approach to craft and lyricism. How do we know? Because they used a pellet stove to keep warm while recording it holed up on the water (as it were) in Elizabeth City, NC.

And also because each album they’ve released to the world has added love and warmth to it, and come closer to approaching the zenith-like joy of their live show, where Samuel T. Herring pries open the heart of everyone in the house with his own lyrical catharses.

On The Water is out October 11 on Thrill Jockey.

On The Water track list:
01 On the Water
02 Before the Bridge
03 The Great Fire
04 Open
05 Where I Found You
06 Give us the Wind
07 Close to None
08 Balance
09 Tybee Island
10 Grease
11 (untitled)