Cerebral Ballzy signs with Dischord/Warner Music

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Cerebral Ballzy

Jokes, jokes.

You may have seen Cerebral Ballzy on Bikes in the Kitchen lineups or cropping up in claustrophobic party pictures at the overstuffed first-generation Shank (r.i.p.). If you haven't heard how perfectly their music suits the soundtrack of trashed party kids throwing beer cans at old garage dudes trying to spin 45s, then you might have been worrying that punk was really in a coma.

Sounding more Germs than Minor Threat, these guys sport tracks that are pretty much spot-on revivals of old hardcore/punk, with that extra 20/20 hindsight that makes each of their songs air-tight, sub-two-minute basement party anthems. Hopefully, the six “long lost skate homies” will be playing these songs at the next party you go to, and the one after that.