Cropped Out again

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Cropped Out fest 2011

Returning for its second year in a row, Louisville’s Cropped Out festival is looking to become a well welcomed annual tradition. With an objective to showcase talent which is “overlooked, omitted or even cropped out of the bigger picture” (hence the name), the two day back-to-back fringe extravaganza held November 11-13 announced new acts joining the festival’s lineup.

The list includes New York’s own Angels in America and hometown heroes Anwar Sadet and Young Windows along with Kentucky bands Arane Rifles and Jovontaes. Los Angeles band Sun Araw have also been announced to play along with Indiapolis’ own Learner Dancer.

Perhaps most exciting of all is that Scratch Acid are scheduled to close out the festival. The band took part in the noisy underground revolution in the 1980s, but didn’t gain any notable recognition unlike members David Yow and David Sims' better know project The Jesus Lizard.

Prices for single passes before October 20 start at $15, while an all access 3-day pass brought before October 20 is $40. Prices for single passes after October 20 start $20, while an all access 3-day pass becomes $50.