Dungen release Tio Bitar May 15

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There was a novelty to the 60's nostalgia brimming from Dungen's Ta Det Lungt when it hit North American shores a couple years ago, and an equal dismay with the cheese rampant in Stadsvandringar, the band's earlier release, reissued after the initial romance.

But Gustav Ejstes and his crew happen to be returning to a music scene inundated with variations of the psych sounds they heralded just slightly ahead of the curve. We'll have to see whether Ejstes looks inward towards the proven formulas of his past output. To quote the press release, it doesn't sound promising:

Tracks like “Familj,” “Sa Blev Det Bestamt” and “Gor Det Nu” suggest a new, unburdened direction for the belabored concept of “jamming.”

But, if we're to believe Ejstes:

“Dungen is not retro,” he states. “Dungen is contemporary. Contemporary because it consists of elements from both then and now.”

Whatever it is, I hope Ejstes can quit his day job

Over here with baited breath…