Duplass Brothers developing “Pitchfork” movie

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jay and mark duplass

Every indie musician–no matter how many times they reiterate that their fans, not their critics, are the only people who matter–wouldn't mind getting back at the snarky Pitchfork blogger who took a knife to their ego. And revenge is even sweeter when their mother has their back– for surely a mother's wrath is a one way ticket to hell.

Such is the plot of “Pitchfork”, a new thriller from writer-director brothers Mark and Jay Duplass. An indie rocker dies in a car accident and his mother seeks to avenge his death by giving the Pitchfork blogger who slandered her son a piece of her mind. An already terrifying situation for the blogger turns sour when the mother finds out that he is just a teenager.

The Duplasses are looking at Susan Surandon to play the mother and Jonah Hill, the star of their 2010 comedy Cyrus, to the play the blogger.