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east river pipe

In Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records, John Cook mythologized East River Pipe as the guy in the orange smock at Home Depot that also gets profiled in New York Magazine. The story of F.M. Cornog is one that tugs at the hearts of the old guard who found success, yet watched a far more talented friend go unnoticed. Lucky for us, Merge feels indebted to ERP and gave his albums a permanent home.

Well, the guy at Home Depot made another record and it still sounds pretty fuggin' good. New York Magazine is still riding Cornog's nuts, but at least they are honest in their carrion ways, debuting “Cold Ground” on its Vulture blog. It sounds as though not much will ever change for F.M. Cornog; life is bleak and beautiful, a chilly, but soft cell to embrace. We Live in Rented Rooms is ERP's seventh record. His last offering was 2006's What Are You On?.

East River Pipe's We Live In Rented Rooms is out February 15 on Merge.

East River Pipe, “Cold Ground”