FOG's Andrew Broder needs your backing

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FOG, Andrew Broder

In the promotional Kickstarter video for FOG's new record in need of funding, the list of FOG appreciators includes, P.O.S., Low's Alan Sparhawk , Kid Koala, and Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel and Postal Service. It's a loaded sample of aware figure heads to endorse a widely underrated and criminally unheralded songwriter from South Minneapolis named Andrew Broder. But, strip all those legitimacy endorsements and what's left in the promo video is an unreleased FOG song worthy of risking your hard-earned money to hear how the remainder of the album plays out.

With albums on Ninjatune and Lex dating back to 2002, FOG took a seven year hiatus after the release of Ditherer in 2007. His early works were charming 4-track experiments with turntables and pedal loops that still sound inventive 12 years later (see: “Pneumonia”), while later recordings expanded into three-piece freak folk with the help of Yoni Wolf, Low, Andrew Bird, Dosh, and Phil Elverum.

Alas, too few understood Andrew Broder for reasons inexplicable to anyone who's ever found comfort in his recordings. Seemingly blacklisted from the industry, Broder is seeking Kickstarter funding for the release of his fifth album. He's set the goals high too. In need of 17 grand, Broder intends to enter the studio with Grammy-winning producer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver) at April Base Studio in Au Claire, WI. With studio time booked in September, Broder hopes to release the album by the fall of 2015.

If you feel compelled to invest in FOG, you may do so at this Kickstarter page.