Friends with Benefits, 2 next week!

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Sara Jaffe is former guitarist for Erase Errata, and is currently writing fiction, teaching, and living in Brooklyn.

Susan Hwang plays accordion and writes songs about zombies, books, books about zombies, parking, her mother and the Devil himself. She currently plays solo and with accordion/drum/cello power trio, The Debutante Hour. She also curates The Bushwick Book Club, which is the only songwriting book club currently in existence.

Aaron Hartman is writing a book of short stories based on his adolescence in San Diego in the late 1980s. He is half of the new band Girls in Trouble and has been the upright bass player for Old Time Relijun since 1995. He lives in Brooklyn.

Sharon Van Etten is a Jersey born, Tennessee raised, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She grew up playing anything put in front of her: piano, violin, and later, joined every choir she could. After being in every musical she auditioned for as a teenager, she decided to write her own songs, however she didn’t start performing live until she moved back to the east coast. There, she started finding her own voice and beginning her grass-roots style music.

Wednesday, August 5
:: Sara Jaffe (Erase Errata)
:::: Susan Hwang (curator of The Bushwick Book Club)
:::::: Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun, Girls in Trouble)
:::::::: Sharon Van Etten (singer/songwriter on Language of Stone records)

At Bruar Falls (245 Grand St., Brooklyn)
8pm / free with a book donation