New Gang of Four track is a step below a boring lullaby

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If you've been waiting for a new Gang of Four song, you're probably really bored and living in a cave, but I guess thank your lucky stars that the day has finally come. The band, who has only one remaining member, Andy Gill, is planning an EP and then an LP to come after the release of 2011's Content. Since we were perfectly content without hearing any more from the dusty Gang of Four, we're surprised that they've decided to carry on like a phantom limb that you still can't shake off even thirty years after the war has ended.

The new track, “Broken Talk,” has the unforgettable line “redeemer of coupons in a lonely mall” so if you're the type to judge by lyrics, go right ahead. We also hear a slap bass and some cheap, overly produced harmonies. Oh and a wah pedal. Is that enough for you or are you asleep yet?

You can listen to the track here, but don't say we didn't warn you.