Girlfriends, “Nothing Nice To Say”

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Boston's Girlfriends are a noisy pop punk trio comprised of Andy Sadoway, Ben Potrykus, and Supriya Gunda. Since 2009 the band has been playing basements, bars, and clubs in their hometown as well as around the country, touring with acts like Weed Hounds, Colleen Green, Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls and Male Bonding. Throughout their time together Girlfriends have released various EPs, including their newest, Nothing Nice to Say, and are working on a full-length album.

Nothing Nice to Say has a cleaner sound than their previous releases, but does not lack in energy. The four song collection is varied, but the second track, “Brat Poison” stands out as the song least like the others, opening with lead singer Ben Potrykus speaking more than singing over a distorted bass line. The other three songs are catchy and breezy, more similar to Girlfriends' existing material, although the vocals are more present and their whole sound is cleaned up. However, the whole business is still evocative of the basements Girlfriends love playing in. Overall, Nothing Nice to Say fun sound is a satisfying preview of a full-length album due out sometime this year.

You can listen to Nothing Nice to Say at Girlfriends Bandcamp.

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