Gonerfest 9 Releases Official Schedule and Poster

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Gonerfest Nine poster

Four days of rock’n’roll in the Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll? (Also, the hometown of that guy who slapped Andy Kaufman both in real life and in that movie Courtney Love was actually decent in?) Yes, please.

We were excited to catch the initial lineup and now we have the official list.

Gonerfest Nine kicks off in Memphis, Tennessee September 27-30, with over 30 bands from the Memphis area and just about everywhere else on the globe.

$60 gets you the full four-day pass and a special bonus surprise.

Purchase tickets here and check out the current schedule below:

9/27 – Thursday Afternoon Opening Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo at Cooper & Young FREE!
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans (Memphis, TN)

9/27 – Thursday Night @ The Hi-Tone
Oblivians (Memphis, TN)
Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
Heavy Times (Chicago, IL)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia)
Jack Of Heart (Perpignan, France)
Moving Finger (Memphis, TN)

DJ Buck Wilders & Greg Cartwright
MC Nobunny

9/28 – Friday Afternoon @ The Buccaneer $5
The Hussy (Madison, WI)
No Bails (Kalamazoo, MI)
Toxie (Memphis, TN)
Anomalys (Amsterdam, Holland)
Johnny Lowebow (Memphis, TN)

9/28 – Friday Night @ The Hi-Tone
Nobunny (Rabbithole, USA)
River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
Bits Of Shit (Melbourne, Australia)
Gary Wrong Group (Mobile, AL)
Bad Sports (Denton, TX)
Nots (Memphis, TN)

DJ Richie Ramone & Chris Shaw
MC Brian Golden Boy

9/29 – Saturday Afternoon @ Murphy's $10
Legs (TN / TX)
White Mystery (Chicago, IL)
Dez Vibz (Tempe, AZ)
Cecilia & Sauerkrauts (Paris, France / Portland, OR)
Lenguas Largas (Tucson, AZ)
Native Cats (Hobart,Tasmania)
Chemicals (Portland, OR)
White Wires (Ottawa, Canada)
Chicken Snake (Staunton, VA)
Detonations (AZ / LA)

9/29 – Saturday Night @ The Hi-Tone
Spits (Outer Space)
Mad Macka (Brisbane, Australia)
GG King (Atlanta, GA)
Persuaders (New Orleans, LA)
Ex-Cult (Memphis, TN)
White WIres (Ottowa, Canada)

DJ Useless Eater & DJ RIck

9/30 – Sunday Afternoon Closing Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo FREE!

Hamish Kilgour from The Clean
Rev. John Wilkins (Memphis, TN)