Greg Fox to leave Liturgy

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As mentioned in a recent piece on two of Greg Fox's “side” projects over at Sound of the City, the phenomonally talented drummer and multi-instrumentalst Greg Fox has opted to leave black metal band Liturgy in order to refocus his music ambitions.

While he sent us an official statement yesterday that courteously and mindfully addressed his interest in re-centering his musical focus on his other acts (Guardian Alien, GDFX, IIII, “a few others”), this morning he asked us to publish instead a chance reading taken word for word from Brian Arnold's 2009 translation of the Yi Jing, in which Fox threw coins to determine what passages to read, while focusing on a response to our question “why did you choose to make this move?”

64 changing to 40

64: Before Completion
Before Completion comes progress. The young fox, having nearly crossed the river, wets its tail, but nothing is unfavorable.

The conscious (fire) is above the dangerous (water) forming the image of Before Completion. Accordingly, an enlightened person carefully discriminates the nature of things, and of the position they occupy.

Having come to the end of an unfulfilled situation, it will soon be fulfilled. Celebrate with sincerity and truthfulness. Avoid losing self-restraint.

40: Release
There is an advantage in the southwest (responsiveness). When there is nothing to gain in going forward, a return to normalcy brings good fortune. There is something to achieve, and acting without delay brings good fortune.

Profound activity (rain and thunder) forms the image of Release. Accordingly, an enlightened person pardons the mistakes of others and deals gently with their offenses.