Help Pile book an all-ages show in damn near every US city near anyone you’ve ever known

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pile at normcore festival

Fresh off our bill at Secret Project Robot last weekend, Pile just posted a status that they have a new tour van (cool for you, dudes) and they’re doing a  short 12-date run for September and October (woot, cool for us too). And then, once you click “See More” the real news hits you like a 60+ item list of US cities that will soon be creating show posters with PILE at the top (yo!, cool for all of U-S-A!!!)

The semi-sneaky status is a call for help hooking the Boston dudes up with all-ages shows before they embark on the full-on US tour next spring. The massive US run sets off in Boston February 19, 2015, circling through over 50 cities before doubling back through the northeast to complete the two-month cycle in the northeast, landing in Bean Town just in time for 4/20.

We’re all about all-ages shows and we’re all about Pile so we are all about helping this come together for everyone under and over the drinking age.

If you can hook it up in any of the cities, hit up the dudes on Facebook or at Peep the full list in the “See More” part of the post embedded below.