M. Sage, The Receivers Peaking CS

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M. Sage

Situated an hour north of Denver at the base of the Rockies, Fort Collins seems the perfect setting for M. Sage's new project in conceptual aural impression. His most recent work, a cassette entitled The Receivers Peaking, is out on Moon Glyph now. M Sage creates a collage of sounds with these latest recordings, layering looped recordings, abstract noises, and processed guitar tracks upon an ambient background. In an experience that's both pensive and serene, the music transports the listener beyond the physical, alluding to a feeling of disconnect between the being and the self. M. Sage excels where many in his genre have fallen short, the sounds transforming themselves seamlessly from one space to the next, creating the impression of a barren landscape or emptying room.

M. Sage is a progressive and prolific musician who has operated under a number of monikers over the years, M. Pyres & the Skygaze Family Band, Wellington Downs, Kick Majestic to name a few. He also runs a Fort Collins-based cassette and CD record label called Patient Sounds and experiments with physical forms of collage art in addition to the musical.

Purchase M. Sage's The Receivers Peaking CS via Moon Glyph.