Mac DeMarco announces Salad Days

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Mac DeMarco, Salad Days

It's tough to be excited over the news of a new Mac DeMarco LP announcement. There's the fear that comes with a known goofball like DeMarco declaring an April 1 release date that keeps us cautious. Sure, the lead single “Passing Out Pieces” sounds like a true Mac song, it even extends his signature sound with a dominating organ presence, but it still isn't enough to gain our trust. The 11-song tracklisting looks legit, but we've still elected to have an intern test it for algorithms and anagrams that could expose this as the most elaborate April Fools Joke ever pulled on the music industry. Bigger than the time we told you we were releasing a Britney Spears cassette.

Already on his third LP, in April Captured Tracks will release Salad Days, which might read a strange title for third record, but keep in mind DeMarco is only 23 years old. On “Passing Out Pieces” DeMarco sings “what mom don't know / has taken its toll on me” lending validity to the album title's idiomatic expression for indescretions and innocence of youth. It rests comfortably in the DeMarco sweet spot of a young soul, already feeling weathered from a weakness for wild nights that has always made his music suitable for soothing a Saturday morning hangover.

Mac DeMarco's Salad Days is out April 1 on Captured Tracks. (Please don't be pulling our chain!)