Mi Ami of dance punk fame

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Mi Ami

Mi Ami's sophomore record Steal Your Face received its fair share of critical encouragement, making its presence in dance punk a far cry from rollerblading on the scene. With Dolphins scheduled for a March 15 release on Thrill Jockey, I have to ask: What gives with the trading your guitars for synthesizers after the drill struck oil?

Mi Ami is turning Japanese on “Hard Up,” and the identity crisis makes one wonder if Mi Ami is living out the lyrics to “Losing My Edge” and its fourth album will be yazz record. Buy some turntables and make something real, boys.

For now, it seems as though Mi Ami is intent to rollerblade through the US and Europe, possibly encouraging an update on the school yard adage, “The hardest part about turning your artsy dance punk band into a synth-pop band is telling your parents you're touring strictly in gay bars.”

Mi Ami, “Hard Up”