NAH Dropped 4 New Titles Today, Experience It Now

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NAH is full of big news today. The music project dropped four new titles to wind out 2016 on a more positive note. (You know, than it has been going with.) It’s important to note the creative drive that went into each title, as all sounds, production, words and design can be attributed to NAH.

The first one – a 12 track LP called Michael – is a collection of pretty quick songs, the majority hanging around the 2 minute marker. The first two tracks really set the otherworldly mood for the rest of the work. “Snow Rag” is our favorite, a quick-hitting track that feels equal parts dance club at 2am and attack from an alien warlord. Michael is available to order now.

Untitled Works 2016 is another 12-track title. A cassette recorded in Brussels, London, and Philadelphia over the past year, it is a mess of dance music with no titles to speak of. (Literally, tracks 3-4 are “untitled 1” through “untitled 10”.) It is currently available here.

Enduring is the second cassette released today, consisting of two lengthy tracks titled “Part One” and “Part Two”. The repetitive nature of the tracks is appealing, with standout drum solos that really get you at your core. You can find that here.

Garbage Crap by far holds our favorite title, consisting of demos from September 2015 through March 2016. There are three long tracks, with a slightly more cluttered – but no less genius – sound than its predecessors. We imagine the bass in “garbage crap A” serving well in a mashup track at a music festival. But, then again, who are we? You can find Garbage Crap here.