Never forget the fallen heros: Capt. Lou Albano

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Captain Lou Albano has died. I'm not sure what he was a captain of. His Wikipedia says he was in the army, but I'm not really sure if that is where he earned the title or not.

Whatever the case, I met Albano in 1987 at the Rosemont Horizon, just outside of Chicago. I was seven, and really wanted to meet another late, great wrestler, the Junkyard Dog. He never showed up, but Albano did. He grabbed my arm and proclaimed “here is the future WWF Intercontinental Champion!”

While it was a sweet gesture, I have always placed the blame for my inferiority complex half on my Jewish upbringing, and half on Capt. Lou telling me that I was never going to reach the highest peak of 'world champion', but stop just short at second place my entire life. Twenty two years later, I blog for Impose, I'm alive, and Jesus has one more angel. I feel like it's all come full circle.

Sleep well oh Captain, my captain!